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Peripera Clear Watercolor Velvet Cheek Blush

Would you like to get beautiful rosy cheeks? With Peripera Clear Watercolor Velvet Cheek Blush it's possible. It's a blush series with beautiful red shades from bright pink to peachy ones. When I got this, I wasn't sure what to expect. Let's see what this blusher holds inside!
Peripera Velvet Cheek Blush
The packaging is minimalist and beautiful. Peripera Clear Watercolor Velvet Cheek Blush is a creamy blusher so it's easy to apply with the finger tips on cheeks. I find Velvet Blush quite pigmented so it's great for all skin tones from very light to dark. I personally prefer pigmented blushes over light ones to get contrast between skin and the blush. One package holds 4 g inside. No clumping, no scent. Want to get amazing base before applying the blush? Check out the post about the best Korean foundation!
Peripera Velvet Cheek Blush
This blush includes caprylyl glycol which is a skin conditioning humectant. It keeps the product moist and has some antimicrobial activity. It also has dimethicone (silicone-based polymer) which is extremely common in cosmetics nowadays. It provides smooth application for the product but the con is that it's covering your skin quite a lot. Sucrose ester provides long-lasting result while preventing the product to go away with sweat. Check full ingredients here!
Peripera Velvet Cheek Blush
The blush applies smoothly and the color I chose is #6 Wonder Rose, which is really pretty for natural makeup. If you don't want too red or too pink cheeks but still shade of pastel pink instead of peachy look, this one is perfect! I need to admit that when I first got the product I didn't notice it was a cream blush so I tried to apply it with a brush — didn't go too well! Still, even tho it is a cream blush, it is not too creamy, so it's not sticky at all. It feels is really soft, resembles somehow velvet. It doesn't have fragrance almost at all which is good for people who don't like strong scents. How does it last? Well, to be frank I think you have to apply some blush during the day but if you set the blush with sleek mist it stays way better. Really natural, but also good product for stronger contrast!

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