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Are cute things only for children? & Review Kakao Friends Hand Cream

It comes in a cute packaging with the picture of Ryan — my favorite Kakao Friends character. It's Kakao Friends Coconut & Shea Butter Hand Cream. The best thing in Korea is that cute things are not only for children but for adults as well. I bet that a hand cream with the scent of banana milk and a picture of a cute bear is something we all need to take care of our hands — and for fun as well.
Kakao Friends Coconut & Shea Butter Hand Cream
After travelling in East Asia for a year I can tell that there is a huge difference in one thing compared to western countries — cute things are extremely popular and common from Korea to Taiwan. I always knew it and was familiar with the fact that East Asia has all those cute soft toys, food, characters, clothes, accessories, pets and everything you can only imagine. But the fact when I first time entered Shanghai 2016 and actually saw all the things they had was shocking. Everywhere even in the nearest convenience store, you found something adorable or cute. In Finland the only cute characters we have are Moomins and if you like them or other characters after the certain age people think it's not socially that accepted. I always remember when I was maybe 11 years old and one of my classmates said that my Moomin key ring was childish! Never wore that after that even tho I was still a child myself. That always reminds me of the attitude kids have towards other children!

In Finland it's not even easy to find cute things, you can basically only find something like the original Arabia Moomin mugs and some soft toys in Moomin stores. Also, it's interesting to notice that Finnish characters like Moomins and Angry Birds are actually more popular and seen in Asia than in Finland. Why?
Kakao Friends Coconut & Shea Butter Hand Cream
Well, I guess there in an attitude in western countries that cute things are not for adults. They are for children and maybe for young girls. After certain age you have to be sexy, mature and beautiful  — not cute or sweet. But I find it's a shame if everyone has to be the same and I love the fact that in Asia normally nobody is judging people for having something adorable or cute with them as an adult like key rings, clothes, makeup bags, anything! Actually being young and cute is something admirable, not something so be ashamed of! Amazing, right? Every culture is different and minimalism in Scandinavia is beautiful in its own way but I think there are things where people should broaden their horizons and think from larger perspective. And honestly I think many people love cute stuff but they are just afraid of having them because of the way how other people look at you. I see how especially in western countries kids are trying to look older than they are nowadays and the society doesn't let them be or look childish for a long period of time. It's dangerous because childhood is the time of our life where we can find happiness in the smallest things without all the responsibilities and burden. When people become adults, many of us feel that time actually goes really fast and we just want to prevent ourselves becoming old. So, what I ponder is that having 'childish' and cute things also as an adult might also give a good example for children that being a child is not a bad thing — it's some really precious phase in our lifetime. And having the lovely things make adults' lives brighter as well!

Ok! Let's also give a brief review of this cutie pie hand cream. As the name tells, it holds Shea butter and coconut inside. Shea butter is amazing and extremely popular ingredients in today's skincare. No wonder — it's hydrating, helps with different skin problems (rashes, itchiness, sunburns), blemishes and wrinkles. The coconut oil from Tahiti islands makes the hand cream absorb quickly and skin silky smooth with the combination of Gardenia Tahitensis Flower extract which feeds skin with antioxidants. So it should be perfect for dry hands and the sweet banana milk scent is so lovely!Kakao Friends Coconut & Shea Butter Hand Cream
I love this hand cream. My hands look instantly more beautiful and the packaging is convenient 50 ml so it fits inside a bag well. For people who are sensitive with scents I wouldn't recommend it but personally I think the banana milk scent is super delicious (not for eating tho)! The hand cream moisturizes well and the cream doesn't leave sticky or oily feeling on skin, actually it feels quite light despite of the texture. It definitely treats the skin well and makes the day brighter with the cuteness of packaging! Note: I have the older version of the hand cream so the new version looks a bit different. 
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