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What is a sheet mask and how to use it? x TONYMOLY

As you can see, sheet masks are getting more and more popular all around the world now— though in Korea and Asia they have been part of normal skincare routine for a long time. Sheet masks came originally from South Korea, the top country of skincare and beauty products. Today I would like to share some facts about sheet masks and review of TonyMoly's great masks.
Korean sheet mask
What is a sheet mask?
A sheet mask is a face-shaped mask which is soaked in concentrated serum. They are usually made of fabric or gel and they contain important ingredients to skin like vitamins, hyaluronic acid and plant extracts. They are individually packaged, for one use and really convenient  — you don't have to rinse it off afterwards like normal face masks.
Why are they used?
They are used for example to moisturize, smooth, clear, refine and heal your skin — simply to make your skin more beautiful and healthier. In Korean skincare routine they are often used after serum and ampoule treatments to strengthen the effect of the beneficial ingredients.
How to use a sheet mask?
To use the sheet mask correctly, it's good idea to clean your skin properly with oil cleanser and cleansing foam. Apply toner and essence first and after them it's time for the sheet mask. Leave if for 15-30 minutes and take it off. Pat the rest serum your skin gently and see the beautiful glow on your skin! After the face mask you can apply your moisturizer and eye cream.
How much do they cost?
An average sheet mask costs 1-3$ but the price range can vary even from 1$ to 10$. I recommend to order the products online for example YesStyle or buy straight from Korea where they have the best prices.
Master Lab Snail Mucin
Who can use them?
Sheet masks are for everyone regardless of your gender or age. Just make sure you choose the right sheet mask for your skin type, so you don't pick up something which is not really suitable for you! If you use them on a regular basis your skin starts to look healthier and better over time. They are also relaxing and fun, something everyone can use to have some luxury in their ordinary life without using too much money. Now  — I would like to tell more specifically about a few TonyMoly's sheet masks.
Master Lab Snail Mucin Mask is for people with dry or damaged skin. The snail mucin in the mask helps skin cells to produce collagen and elastin. Other ingredients like glycerin which attracts the water and panthenol which helps wounds healing are amazing ingredients for damaged skin as well. The sheet masks is extremely hydrating and makes the skin smooth and radiant. It also improves dark circles and reduces flakiness of skin. This sheet mask is also good for oily or normal skin type so everyone who wants to get beautiful skin — try it, you won't regret. You can see immediate results right after one mask. Find the full ingredients on SkinCarisma from the link
I'm Real Red Wine Mask Sheet is especially for people with enlarged pores but it is for all skin types. It is formulated with red wine extract which tightens and purifies the skin. It is talc and paraben free and it includes green tea extract which is anti-aging and improves sun-damaged skin. There is also rosemary extract (antimicrobial agent) and allantoin (soothing). I recommend this mask for all skin types and it it gives you smooth and purified skin. Full ingredients here
Panda's dream Eye Patch is extremely popular and known from the cute panda design. These eye patches help with dark circles and puffiness. They brighten the dull skin and cool down the area under eyes. The key ingredients are bamboo extract which brightens and moisturizes the skin and niacinamide which promotes the elasticity and improves skin tone and texture. This was one of my first Korean products I bought and  I need to admit I fell in love right away! The skin feels healthier and looks brighter. Want to get more about panda products? Read here! 
Panda's dream eye patchThe Chok Chok Green Tea Sheet Mask includes surprise — green tea extract which is great for oily skin type. It is antimicrobial and reduces sebum production which everyone with blemishes and oiliness hope. It is still a humectant which means that it moisturizes the skin and thereby keeps the skin hydrated. The sheet mask has lovely green tea and lemon scent and it is medium thick so easy to apply. The full ingredients here
So, that's the story of sheet masks, hope you guys enjoyed reading! Sheet masks are one of my favorite Korean products because it's fun to collect many different kind of and take care of the skin easily! What is your favorite Korean sheet mask? Also, get your own TonyMoly's sheet masks from Ebay super cheaply below!
Master Lab Real Mask Sheet Snail Mucin
I'm Real Masks (different versions)
Panda's Dream Eye Patch
The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Sheet Mask

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