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The popular Korean primer — TONYMOLY Egg Silky Smooth Balm

TonyMoly is known from their cute animal and fruit themed packages. TonyMoly arrived to the Nordics 1st of September what gives a reason for a preview of one of their popular products: Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm which is one of the most popular Korean primers due to its cheap price and well known golden egg shaped jar.
Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm
Silky smooth balm manages the excess sebum and make skin to look smoother by making pores less visible. It gives semi-matte finish which makes your skin ideal for makeup to last the whole day beautiful. It also absorbs the oiliness away so your skin looks less shiny but still natural. You can also use the product alone without applying any makeup.
Tony Moly
I love this product because it comes with super cute jar and it has lovely lemon scent. It looks like something edible (even tho it's not) and the texture is typical primer. The main ingredients are egg white and oil controlling herbal complex (Burdock, Lemon, Hop, Peppers, Sylvia, Soap Gras). The egg white removes dead skin cells which helps the skin to renew itself. One jar has 20g of product.
Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm
Does it work? Yes. I find it it working pretty fairly. The pores really turn out to be less visible and the skin looks flawless after applying. Only problem I find is that the makeup might become accumulated if the balm is not rubbed between fingers before dabbing onto skin. I would apply this product only onto oily areas or areas with pores, not the whole face. However, the balm works and the makeup stays beautiful a way longer without too much fixing it during the day.
Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm
In addition to giving the long-lasting beautiful makeup, the product also treats skin well. It has anti-aging ingredients like peptides, also collagen and biotin which are good for your skin. What would be better than a primer which makes also your skin youthful? I guess Korean beauty industry knows how to prevent skin from aging well because I see many Korean people looking amazingly fresh and beautiful despite of the age.

Overall I really like this product. It has really wonderful package and just by applying it alone the skin already looks better. I would rate it 4/5. Order your own Silky Smooth Balm from Ebay.

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