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The best Korean eyeliner

Everyone who uses makeup knows the feeling of an eyeliner which always gets smeary and fades out until the evening is even nearby — or the eyeliner which is impossible to apply because of the bad and too thick brush. I have experiences all those until I found the best Korean eyeliner which is pure gold: Clio Waterproof Kill Black eyeliner.
the best eyeliner
Clio is a Korean brand which is known for their innovative quality and great pigments in their makeup products. I used to love to apply eyeliner almost everyday and found out that the ones with brush or pen are the most suitable for my eyelids. This pen eyeliner is great because it has deep black pigment and the pen is also thin to get beautiful and precise result. It's also waterproof and it lasts the whole day without getting smeary. This product goes well with Etude House Curl Fix Mascara.

As you can see the eyeliner looks like a marker pen. There are Clio eyeliners with the pen and brush nibs. Even though the nib in the pen one is thicker than the one in the brush one, I found it still good for making precise lines as well. If you really want to get extremely thin result, then the brush one might be the one for you! However, in the brush ones there is always a risk for the bristles to tear apart. So when it comes to maintain the eyeliner good, I prefer the pen one.
Clio Waterproof Kill Black eyeliner
As you can see, the pens itself is small and easy to carry in your makeup bag. One pen has 0,55 ml eyeliner inside. So this product will also last for longer time and you don't have to worry about buying a new one next week! It dries to matte so no worries about glowing lines on your lids! To remove the eyeliner you just need oil-based makeup remover.
The best eyeliner
I would rate this eyeliner 5/5. It has long-lasting effect and you can draw deep black fine lines. Many people have said that Clio's eyeliners are the best and no wonder — they are extremely good quality. To make the result even better it's good idea to apply some primer before adding the eyeliner. To tell you one more secret about this eyeliner: it has a special Smart Cap which ensures that the eyeliner will last until the last drop of tint.
Clio Waterproof Kill Black eyeliner
To put it bluntly:
+long-lasting effect
+deep black color
+precise result
+smart cap ensures long life for the eyeliner
-it fades out a bit if you swim

Overall the product is really good purchase and it takes less time to apply eyeliner than before.
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