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THEFACESHOP Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

The best Korean conditioner

It has been more than a month holiday break for my blog because my Korean boyfriend came to Finland for a visit and I got sick for couple of weeks. But now it's time for new updates and new Korean beauty products! Today I would like to introduce you the best Korean conditioner or hair treatment.
korean conditioner
The product is Etude House's Silk Scarf hair treatment. It restores damaged hair and moisturizes with the oil complex combined with lovely floral scent. I have very typical Finnish hair type  light, thin and easily damaged. My hair is also very long and I have to cut my ends on a regular basis. But to keep the ends beautiful I need something to keep them silky, smooth and manageable. Silk scarf hair treatment works for my hair exactly that! I bet this works also for other hair types perfectly.

The package is light pink and cute — typical Etude House. I like the product a lot but there is only 200 ml in one package and especially for long hair it runs out quickly in regular use. However it's not too pricey so it pays back with the magic it does to your hair. It is also good for travelling because it's not too heavy and the lid doesn't break easily.
etude house silky scarf
The hair treatment should be used once or twice per week but I use it around three times per week because my hair gets easily messed up. Instruction how to use Silky Scarf hair treatment:
1. Add the treatment into your hair and massage gently
2. Let it stay for 5 minutes 
3. Rinse off with water
4. Get beautiful and silky smooth hair!

Order your own from Ebay from the link below

I would rate this product 4/5 because it does what it promises but I think the package could be slightly bigger. Thanks for reading and remember to Subscribe my blog of Follow me with Bloglovin!