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My acne story and how to get rid of acne scars — Rohto Melano CC

I tell you a story which affected my life and skincare routines dramatically. I have never had perfect skin but neither super bad one. But when I entered Hong Kong 2017 for model work I got my first serious acne breakout on my cheeks what made my self-esteem extremely low. I felt that when I finally got the chance of my life it was ruined right away with horrible blemishes and ugly scars. I didn't know what was going on and I tried lot of different ways to get rid of it. I tried my best to eat healthily, minimize eating meat and alcohol, wheat, dairy and greasy food — but the healthy diet helped only very very little. I also bought some special acne skincare products like benzoyl peroxide which helped only instantly making my skin super dry. I felt frustrated after trying many ways to get rid of acne so I searched more information and came to conclusion that I had hormonal acne. I got medicine for that, got rid of the acne and felt relieved — still having extremely red and ugly scars on my both cheeks. Another challenge was ahead of me.
vitamin c serum
When I was in Taiwan in December 2017 I decided that no matter what I want to get perfect skin for the first time in my whole life. I used hours to search what would be the best product to get rid of the scars effectively and also started to read more about Asian skincare products and routines. I found many articles about vitamin C being great for curing scars. So I went to the nearest Japanese cosmetic store and found this recommended product called Rohto Melano CC Concentration Measures essence. The secret of vitamin C is that it decreases the production of melanin and prevents spots and dark patches. It also hydrates the skin and it's amazing for oily skin type. Rohto Melano CC is made of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), dipotassium glycyrrhizate (a licorice extract which brightens the skin) and has also an ingredient called thymol which has antibacterial effect.
Rohto Melano CC japanese
The product comes with a silver tube with an applicator instead of a bottle. It's really convenient and you can literally use every drop of the product because of the good package. It's better to store vitamin c serums and essences in the fridge to maintain the product good. Rohto essence is clear and very light and it doesn't feel oily on face after applying. How to use the product:
1. Clean your skin and apply toner
2. Take couple of drops on your hand
3. Pat gently on the problematic area
4. Add your moisturizer and SPF afterwards
This product is very effective and I started to notice difference on my skin even after one or two weeks. The scars started to be less red and my skin started to look healthier and well moisturized. I like the name of this product Rohto because in Finnish it means some kind of herb for medical purposes. I wonder if the Japanese people named it after the Finnish word!
Rohto Melano CC
Asian skincare
Here is the before and after picture after using the product everyday for 8 months. The first picture was taken in January 2018 after the acne was gone and the picture below is today in August 2018. So I promise — this product works for scars if you also take care of your skin other ways. It's important to clean your skin on a regular basis and use at least 50 SPF to block the dangerous UV rays.
Rohto Melano CC
As an extra I can highly recommend using aloe vera gel to maximize the chances of getting rid of the scars. I have written about this great aloe vera gel and its effects gel in my previous post! It has lot of positive effects on skin for example hydrating the skin and reducing redness.
Overall my experiences about Rohto Melano CC essence are only positive. My skin got really clear, more beautiful and I barely can see my scars nowadays. It is also decent priced 10-15€ and in daily use it lasts even 8-10 months. I would rate this product 5/5.

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