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THEFACESHOP Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

Korean hair oil for damaged hair

This time I give a short review of a product I got once from a fashion show in Korea. I am pretty lazy with taking care of my hair or to do anything special to it so this product was a great challenge for me. It's called Mise En Scene Damage Care Perfect Repair Serum. Let's see what this product has to offer!
Korean hair oil
First impression: It has a pleasant neutral scent and the color is colorless so no worries — your hair won't get a yellowish hue. The texture is pretty light and not too greasy! It has also an easy pump lid so you don't have to mess the oil all around.
Repair Serum for hair
This hair oil should helps with tangles and frizz, sooth and make your hair to look healthy as a fresh new hair cut. I need to dispense a couple of pumps for my long hair ends so for shorter hair this bottle is going to last even for many months if used on a regular basis. How to use:
1. Dispense 2-3 pumps
2. Apply to your ends
Not too hard, right? Just be careful not to add too much of the product because it might leave a bit greasy feeling if applied too much!
Mise En Scene Damage Care Perfect Repair Serum
The final result: I guess my ends look better after using this couple of times. In addition to all the other pros this product also minimizes the breakage of the ends. I feel my hair is well nourished and more beautiful. But to be honest I think this product is better for those people who has frizzy hair! Mine is so straight and silky naturally so for my kind of hair type it's better to use this product only occasionally!
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