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Beautiful eyelashes with the best Korean mascara

Have you ever wondered how some people have those amazing beautiful long eyelashes? Probably they just have eyelash extensions or great genetics. Nobody decides what kind of eyelashes they get when they were born, neither me — I have probably the most light colored and thin eyelashes. But I believe that good products can turn even the thinnest and shortest eyelashes beautiful. So I gave a try to Etude House's Curl Fix Mascara which is often said to be one of the bests Korean mascaras! Let's see what kind of magic this product holds inside.
Etude House mascara
The bottle is simple — stylish black with some white text. When you open it you can see the slightly curved brush. The texture of the mascara is pretty thick and the color I use is pitch black. This mascara is available also in brown and plum colors.
The best Korean mascara
How to use:
1. Curl your lashes with Etude House Perm Fix Curler (read the review here!)
2. Take the brush out and wipe the excessive product off
3. Start with the shorter bristles and comb the mascara into eyelashes starting from the base
4. Use the longer bristles to separate the lashes
5. Let the mascara dry for a moment

I had high expectations on this product. In many reviews it had been said to stay without smudging, make your curles to last long and give you beautiful eyelashes. As I mentioned before I have very thin and light lashes. After using the mascara I can see it made difference and it gave me clearly longer lashes. Even after many hours I feel the product stays well and holds the lashes as it promised. At first using the mascara I felt it was a bit too thick for my lashes but after taking less mascara in the brush the result was better!
Korean mascara
Personally I am not a fan of eyelash extensions on a regular basis and I prefer more natural look over heavy makeup. So for me this mascara offered a solution to get beautiful but still natural eyelashes for everyday! Buy your own Curl Fix mascara from Ebay with less than 7€ (link below!)
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