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THEFACESHOP Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

My acne story and how to get rid of acne scars — Rohto Melano CC

I tell you a story which affected my life and skincare routines dramatically. I have never had perfect skin but neither super bad one. But when I entered Hong Kong 2017 for model work I got my first serious acne breakout on my cheeks what made my self-esteem extremely low. I felt that when I finally got the chance of my life it was ruined right away with horrible blemishes and ugly scars. I didn't know what was going on and I tried lot of different ways to get rid of it. I tried my best to eat healthily, minimize eating meat and alcohol, wheat, dairy and greasy food — but the healthy diet helped only very very little. I also bought some special acne skincare products like benzoyl peroxide which helped only instantly making my skin super dry. I felt frustrated after trying many ways to get rid of acne so I searched more information and came to conclusion that I had hormonal acne. I got medicine for that, got rid of the acne and felt relieved — still having extremely red and ugly s…

Beautiful eyelashes with the best Korean mascara

Have you ever wondered how some people have those amazing beautiful long eyelashes? Probably they just have eyelash extensions or great genetics. Nobody decides what kind of eyelashes they get when they were born, neither me — I have probably the most light colored and thin eyelashes. But I believe that good products can turn even the thinnest and shortest eyelashes beautiful. So I gave a try to Etude House's Curl Fix Mascara which is often said to be one of the bests Korean mascaras! Let's see what kind of magic this product holds inside. The bottle is simple — stylish black with some white text. When you open it you can see the slightly curved brush. The texture of the mascara is pretty thick and the color I use is pitch black. This mascara is available also in brown and plum colors. How to use: 1. Curl your lashes with Etude House Perm Fix Curler (read the review here!) 2. Take the brush out and wipe the excessive product off 3. Start with the shorter bristles and comb the …

Korean hair oil for damaged hair

This time I give a short review of a product I got once from a fashion show in Korea. I am pretty lazy with taking care of my hair or to do anything special to it so this product was a great challenge for me. It's called Mise En Scene Damage Care Perfect Repair Serum. Let's see what this product has to offer! First impression: It has a pleasant neutral scent and the color is colorless so no worries — your hair won't get a yellowish hue. The texture is pretty light and not too greasy! It has also an easy pump lid so you don't have to mess the oil all around. This hair oil should helps with tangles and frizz, sooth and make your hair to look healthy as a fresh new hair cut. I need to dispense a couple of pumps for my long hair ends so for shorter hair this bottle is going to last even for many months if used on a regular basis. How to use:
1. Dispense 2-3 pumps
2. Apply to your ends
Not too hard, right? Just be careful not to add too much of the product because it might …

Beauty standards in Europe vs Asia & Panda's Dream white magic cream

I have grown up in a Nordic country where people are very pale but everybody wants to have tanned and skin kissed by sun. I have never got tanned easily so for me the most natural tone has been very light skin. I was surprised to notice that in Korea and other Asian countries many people actually want to have very light skin instead of very tanned one. In Europe there are lot of different products to get tanned - and in Asia vice versa ones that make your skin lighter. My opinion is that every skin tone is beautiful and unique in their own way and I always wonder why so many people want to have different tone from their natural one which often looks the best on them. However, I don't judge if somebody wants to have slightly different skin tone by using tanning or whitening lotions. So on this post, I will introduce you Tony Moly's Panda's Dream White Magic Cream! No, I don't use whitening creams myself. I simply bought this product randomly when I traveled to Korea fo…

The best Korean conditioner

It has been more than a month holiday break for my blog because my Korean boyfriend came to Finland for a visit and I got sick for couple of weeks. But now it's time for new updates and new Korean beauty products! Today I would like to introduce you the best Korean conditioner or hair treatment. The product is Etude House's Silk Scarf hair treatment. It restores damaged hair and moisturizes with the oil complex combined with lovely floral scent. I have very typical Finnish hair type — light, thin and easily damaged. My hair is also very long and I have to cut my ends on a regular basis. But to keep the ends beautiful I need something to keep them silky, smooth and manageable. Silk scarf hair treatment works for my hair exactly that! I bet this works also for other hair types perfectly.
The package is light pink and cute — typical Etude House. I like the product a lot but there is only 200 ml in one package and especially for long hair it runs out quickly in regular use. Howev…