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Korean pimple patches and how to get rid of the acne scars

Everybody has good and bad days when it comes to skin. Luckily when the bad day is here Korean skin care products will save you. Let me introduce how to get rid of pimples and scars quickly!
vitamin c sheet mask
I went through hard times in Hong Kong when I faced a bad acne breakout. After the terrible acne was gone I was left with ugly scars. I found out pretty quickly a solution for them: vitamin c. It reduces redness, improves collagen production and heals the scars. I got a nice souvenir this week from Korea - 10 pieces of vitamin C sheet masks from Nature Republic.vitamin c sheet mask
The mask sheet is pretty large so it covers your whole face properly. Before the mask wash your face and apply some toner. Let the mask rest on your face for 10-20 minutes. After that take the mask away and pat your skin gently so the product absorbs properly. The mask has a brightening effect and the skin feels very fresh after the mask. Using vitamin c products on a regular basis will fade your scars dramatically.
vitamin c acne cure
After the mask you can apply some moisturizer to finish the result. I really like vitamin c products and and along with aloe vera you can get perfect combination to reduce the acne scars and make your skin glowing and beautiful!

Have you ever wanted to get rid of the pimples overnight? I always struggled and tried all kind or acne creams and gels to get rid of pimples quickly. None of them really worked - until I found Korean pimple patches. Just attach a plaster over your pimple and let it stay there during night. In the morning the pimple is clearly smaller or even totally gone because the plaster collects the sebum and improves healing. Missha's pimple patches are very thin so you can use them on day time as well without people paying attention to them. The package has many different sizes! When I went to Korea for the first time I was actually surprised because I had never heard of trouble patches before. I think they're one of the best products for the problematic skin type.
pimple patches
One another great product I've started to use is oil blotting paper. Whenever your skin starts to shine in the middle of the day, it's better to swipe the oiliness away with the blotting paper instead of adding powder. They're also very light and don't take any space in your luggage. The ones I use at the moment are from DHC which is a Japanese brand (an exception to my Korean beauty stuff!). To be honest blotting papers are only first aid for oiliness  if you want to reduce the oiliness more permanently you should take care of the skin on deeper lever with great moisturizers. Check out my older post about the best moisturizers for oily skin!
oil blotting paper DHC

oil blotting paper DHC

To put bluntly: to cure acne I can recommend Missha's trouble patches. But to cure the actual scars I can't really find better solution than vitamin c products! Oil blotting paper is just to make your skin matte for a short period! What is your favorite of these products? Order your own pimple patches and vitamin c mask from Ebay!
Vitamin C mask
Pimple patches
Oil Blotting Paper
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