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THEFACESHOP Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

Why I don't belong in Finland

Since I was young I always felt being outside the group for different reasons. My name was English or Spanish instead of Finnish name, I was the only girl studying ethics instead of religion and I was into Asian cultures and artistic things like drawing and playing piano. I liked playing video games and I didn't really care trying to fit in the group. I always walked my own path and tried always be myself — which led to the fact that I wasn't part of any group. I was also bullied probably because I was different, skinny and tall, whatever the reasons were. That time I started to hang out in Helsinki, in the capital, and met a lot of different cool people I felt connection with. I noticed how changing the place and the city made me happier. People accepted me. After the time passed I went to an art high school and I got some chances to travel for some school projects and stuff. I also attended summer high school in France before high school. I never really traveled a lot befor…

Korean pimple patches and how to get rid of the acne scars

Everybody has good and bad days when it comes to skin. Luckily when the bad day is here Korean skin care products will save you. Let me introduce how to get rid of pimples and scars quickly! I went through hard times in Hong Kong when I faced a bad acne breakout. After the terrible acne was gone I was left with ugly scars. I found out pretty quickly a solution for them: vitamin c. It reduces redness, improves collagen production and heals the scars. I got a nice souvenir this week from Korea - 10 pieces of vitamin C sheet masks from Nature Republic.
The mask sheet is pretty large so it covers your whole face properly. Before the mask wash your face and apply some toner. Let the mask rest on your face for 10-20 minutes. After that take the mask away and pat your skin gently so the product absorbs properly. The mask has a brightening effect and the skin feels very fresh after the mask. Using vitamin c products on a regular basis will fade your scars dramatically.
After the mask you can…

The truth about model life

To work as a model might seem like something full of glamour, parties, free makeup and hair, beautiful clothes and good looking people surrounding you. But to be frank enough, it's an occupation which is very unstable and tough for your mental health as well. Why? Dress by Companhia Das Marias
1. Free work
I've done this couple of years but only for a year full time. But still, I have come a long way even to come to this point where I can travel and actually earn. I wasn't scouted on a street and in the beginning I did a lot of free work and photo shoots or 'test shoots' to collect some portfolio. Many young models don't ever realize while they're working for designers collections and other things to gain 'experience' that they're actually working for free and are used because they're easily cheated. I support collaboration photo shoots and fashion shows where both the model and the photographer/designer get portfolio pictures but I don'…