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The first two weeks I cried, then I fell in love...

...with Hong Kong. It was an experience I will never forget. It started by solving out all kind of visa stuff while being in Korea. Such a stress. However I survived all the way there and the hell started: first week in a small motel room alone, +30-35°C everyday, a lot of castings in a totally unfamiliar city, surrounded by suspicious local shops and people staring at me, pollution, no friends or anyone I knew and the worst: fresh acne on my cheeks. Naturally pretty soon, I moved to a very small model apartment room which wasn't in the best condition. Sounds like the worst trip ever. But, after those two weeks I realized I was actually in one of the best places in my whole life. What happened?
Hong Kong or Home Kong, they say. I think it's something very true. After the first shock and getting used to things and the places it turned out that Hong Kong is amazing. The city itself as well as the people and experiences I got there were great. My agency was really nice and the people working super lovely. I met a lot of models from all around the world at the model dinners and parties. The locals I worked with were always really nice and supporting people. Meeting such good people affected a lot to my trip. Getting new lifelong friends like my Canadian baby AJ and Polish baby Justyna and making a lot of memories with them made my trip already successful. I just always want to tell all the amazing people how much I care about them. I was also lucky because my other half was able to come to see me for more than three weeks!
After visiting more places and seeing all the surroundings in Hong Kong, I realized it's simply amazing due to the combination of modern city and nature. Hong Kong has really cool and unique centre with huge modern skyscrapers, shops and and a ferry system which costs something like 30-40 cents in euros per trip. They have bars, international restaurants and a lot of international people as well. In other areas there are local market places where you can find really cheap clothes (Mong Kok), electronics and food. Hong Kong is also known from their egg tart which resembles Portuguese Pastel de Nata!
Hong Kong
Nature & beaches
Hong Kong has graceful nature with all the mountains where to go for a hike. For example, you can find Dragon's Back, Victoria's Peak, High West Peak and Kamshan Country Park where you can see a lot of wild monkeys and other creatures. They also have a lot of great beaches where to go on hot days or just to spend time with your friends. You can take a bus and the trip is less than an hour from the center area to find beaches like Repulse Bay, Shek O and Clear Water Bay. Also a lot of nearby islands have really sweet small beaches!
Hong Kong
As an European I need to admit that sometimes I just love to have a croissant and some porridge without huge struggle or affording ten euros (like I did in Korea for my porridge). Hong Kong is great due to the fact that even though it is very Asian and Chinese in a way, it is also very international and have a lot of western products with decent prices. Of course they're not that cheap as in Europe but it's still super great to have them between having Asian food. Don't take me wrong: I love Asian food but I just need to have my daily doze of oatmeal and couple of blueberries on top.
To me, Hong Kong was such a great experience when it comes to modeling. I got to work every week different magazines, editorial videos, some fashion events and shows so it was amazing place for me. It's not only good for fashion industry but also for other things: a lot of business people from all around the world go there either for business trips or to live. I'm not surprised because Hong Kong seems such a busy city in many ways!
Zip Magazine
Zip Magazine, Hong Kong
Model advantages
On top of everything, Hong Kong offers models chances for free gym, dinners and parties in many places. I think there wasn't a day when I felt bored!

So, overall Hong Kong turned out to be much more than I thought in the beginning. The first two weeks gave me totally wrong picture due to the motel and area where I lived for the first week. After getting to know the city, things turned out to be wonderful. But the most important thing was getting know the people and all the friends I made during those three months. No place is perfect without good people! Hong Kong is a place where I experienced so much and I also left part of my heart there. I think sooner or later I will be back.

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