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The Best Korean Moisturizers

It's time to talk about K-beauty! I have always struggled with all kind of skin problems from pimples to redness and oiliness. However, somehow during my year in Asia and Korea my skin care routines and products changed dramatically. Due to that, also my skin got so much better. I can thank mostly Korea because of their great and affordable products. Let's see what are simply the best moisturizers you can find to get baby smooth skin! Before the moisturizers, check out the best Korean cleansers HERE.
Aloe vera is such a great plant. It has been used for years for decorative purposes as well as to calm down irritated skin. Somehow just recently people have woken up to the fact how great moisturizer aloe vera actually is! It reduces the redness and moisturize your skin deeply. It also works for acne and other skin problems. When I got a bad acne breakout in Hong Kong and nothing really helped me, aloe vera gel was one of the only things which made my skin at least a bit better. Do you know that aloe vera also heals wounds faster by improving your collagen formation? It also healed my acne scars with the help of vitamin c serum.
I can highly recommend Nature Republic 92% soothing gel. The texture is very light and you can use this products as a moisturizer, after shave gel, body moisturizer or as a hair mask. You can also use it for sunburns or mosquito bites — anyway you wish, to make your skin to look healthy and beautiful. This aloe vera gel is not only the best but also super cheap. You can get 300 ml pack from Ebay with less than 9€ + free shipping and I promise — this product will last more than couple of months.

Another great moisturizer especially for oily skin is Missha Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Cream. It took me a long time to search decent priced and great product which was good for my skin type. I didn't only want to buy something which just moisturizes my skin — I wanted to find something I can instantly see affecting my skin. One day I paid a visit to Missha on a subway station near Dongdaemun and bought this baby home. Why is it so great and better than other moisturizers?
First off this cream is pretty thick and you need only a pea sized amount for your whole facial skin. When you apply it on the skin it kinda 'absorbs' the oiliness away. The skin feels super matte but still moisturized at the same time. Secondly, the cream is also great as a makeup base because it doesn't accumulate like many primers or some other moisturizers. My skin has looked way more beautiful after adding this under my makeup. Both baobab tree extracts and glacial water are included in this product and the cream controls excess sebum. Isn't it great to not to worry about greasy feeling on your face and also get beautiful and moisturized skin for the whole day?
After. You can notice how the skin looks softer and younger after adding this cream! Get your own from this link on Ebay!

Overall I am really happy after finding great products with affordable prices. I never expected to say 'I have good skin' but everyday I'm getting closer and closer to that goal with Korean beauty products. I am grateful about experiencing Korean beauty culture and understanding more and more about my own skin! Thanks for reading and remember to Subscribe my blog of Follow me with Bloglovin!