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Review: Etude House Korean Makeup Brushes & Dear Girls Oil Control Pact

It's time for another review: Makeup brushes & Dear Girls Oil Control Pact from lovely Etude House. Korean beauty products are becoming more and more popular in Europe and western countries. People have noticed the same thing as I have: the products are great quality, cheaper and ahead of other countries. You can also read my previous post about my favorite Korean makeup foundation! Today I want to introduce you the auto lip brush, the eyebrow brush and the dual concealer brush.Etude House
The first impression is cute. The packs are light pink and mint so they trigger people to buy them just by having a sweet appearance! I just feel the Etude House vibe by looking at them.
I have used an eye shadow from Dutch Grimas already for three years. It is aimed for professional makeup artists so the pigment is pretty strong and the product lasts forever. Thank you Salli for letting me know about Grimas! The color I use for my eyebrows is Rouge 575.
After. My beauty tool Eyebrow brush 351 is super smooth and it's easy to make details with it. It also spreads the makeup nicely so if you want to fade out the ends of the eyebrows, this brush is perfect for it! As a blonde and light haired woman I prefer having my eyebrows lighter as well.
Korean lip brush
Brush 211 Auto lip. I haven't used a normal lip brush for a long time due to the practicality of an auto lip brush. It's such a great way to keep the brush in good condition because you can simply slide in and out the brush to use it or to carry it inside your makeup bag. The material is artificial hair and aluminium. I like this lip brush because I can get so precise result! The lipstick I use in these pictures is Korean Espoir with the color 'clutch' 에스쁘아 '클러치'

Dear Girls Oil Control Pact
 Last but not least I want to tell you about this great product to get matte skin. Dear Girls Oil Control Pact is for people who want the makeup to last longer and have problems with oiliness on the skin. The package is super cute and small so it doesn't take too much space in your bag. It has also a small mirror inside! Everybody drops their makeup occasionally but this one doesn't break easily!

After foundation add first some Missha's Cover Prime concealer with the dual concealer brush 110 and then some Dear Girls powder on your skin. You will get perfect and doll-like skin!
Etude House dear girls oil control pact
You can order the brushes and makeup products from Ebay with the links below. You can get them cheap and in addition to that they have free shipping!
My Beauty Tool Eyebrow Brush 351
My Beauty Tool Secret Brush 211 Auto Lip
My Beauty Tool Brush 110 Dual Concealer
Dear Girls Oil Control Pact
Espoir Lipstick
Grimas Eyeshadow
Missha Dual Cover Prime Concealer

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