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Midsummer celebration in Finland & my accident

Midsummer is celebrated especially in Northern Europe in the late June. It is the time of the year when the sun doesn't set and it's the time of solstice. This year the Midsummer's Eve was 22.06.18 and the actual day 23.06.18. I celebrated my midsummer at my friend's cottage with a group of people. It was my first time experiencing "mökkijuhannus" (midsummer at a cottage) even though it is one of the most Finnish ways to spend it. I had amazing time despite of the cloudy weather. Let's take a peek of my Juhannus 2018!
a bonfire
One of the things which is almost mandatory in Juhannus is to have a great bonfire which purpose is to repel witches and evil spirits. Other myths about bonfire are related to marriage and future spouses. Midsummer is also the celebration of fertility so no wonder there are so many myths and predictions about future lovers! We had also our kokko = a bonfire which was amazingly warm and beautiful in the middle of the night. Yes, it was night time — probably 1:00 a.m. in the picture.

We also paid a visit to an ostrich farm about 15 minutes from the cottage. I have never seen so intriguing birds like an ostrich so close. They were pretty scary creatures. The ticket to the farm was only 3,5€ per an adult and they had also some other animals there. It is a local small farm so the animals are taken care of well. The farm we visited is called Strutsitila Syrjynen / A&A Syrjynen and the address is Kirvuntie 76, 36600 Pälkäne.
ostrich farm

This midsummer we barbecued a lot, went to sauna and swam in the lake. Did you guys know that sauna is originally from Finland? It has been one of the places where people cleaned themselves back in the history. In Finland sauna is a place for everyone from babies to grandparents. I don't know any Finn who hasn't been to sauna before — it's strongly part of our culture. A lot of people go there naked despite of the gender or age of others and it is totally acceptable. But to be honest, I always wear bikinis while going to sauna with a group of people!
midsummer in Finland
We decided to try rowing with a row boat. We went on a lake with four people and none of us knew how to row a boat correctly. A neighbor lady had to come to save us because we couldn't handle the wind and the flow of the water. We probably looked like the most stupid city ladies ever! At least we made a fun memory together — and now we know how to row a boat correctly.
midsummer in finland
And the last but not least I will tell you about my Juhannus accident. I was cleaning and decided to help with the dishes. Then, I somehow managed to drop a knife straight to my right hand forefinger — and didn't even realize how badly it dropped until my hand started to bleed like crazy! It was a much deeper wound than I thought and the knife almost cut the finger half way. We had to stop packing our stuff and drive quickly to first aid of the local hospital. I got into the treatment room right away and the nurses glued my deep wound together. Due to that I have to live with a swollen and ugly finger for couple of days and I can't swim or use the sauna for a while. Well, at least I did all that before the accident! Such a great ending for my midsummer in Finland. Overall, I had so amazing time and even with the accident this was one the best Juhannus ever.

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