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Collaboration: Kaarna Living x Visualist Helsinki

I did recently a collaboration shoot with Kaarna Living x Visualist Helsinki in Finland. The shoot was based on beautiful Alppiruusupuisto where the flowers were blooming. Kaarna Living is a Finnish brand which offers sustainable products like jewellery, clothes and bags. From every Circle bracelet purchase goes a donation of 10€ to help to minimize the plastic waste in oceans. Let's take a look of the pictures!

visualist helsinki
A Circle bracelet 89,00€
Visualist Helsinki offers styling and other creative services for every kind of people. This shooting was styled and created by the Visualist Helsinki. I was offering my helping hand and edited handful of photos myself. Like I told before, I'm very keen on photographing and artistic stuff as well. I have done couple of promotion shootings, portfolio pictures and other stuff for people. You can check out pictures taken and edited by me on my second Instagram!

The weather was amazingly beautiful. I can't believe Finland is so warm at the moment! It feels like mid July everyday (which is probably the warmest time here normally). I have been working and been busy with the shootings recently so I haven't really enjoyed the beautiful summer too much. I think after two weeks  I will have more time when I get a visitor from the other side of the world. I have been to Finland already for a month. The time has gone so fast and I am not even sure how long I will stay in Finland!
Finnish rings
The Midsummer will be after a week. That time the days will be so long that the sun doesn't really set down here in the Nordic countries. We're planning to go to a summer cottage with a group of friends. It has been thing I wanted to do since I was a child. And now it will happen! I think it's going to be a lot of fun. What are your Midsummer plans? Do you celebrate Midsummer in your countries?

summer time
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