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Truth about what I don't like in Korea

Don't take me wrong: I love Korea. But sometimes there are things I really miss in Europe or things I just don't like too much here. After telling about many good things I want to share my honest opinion of some things I dislike. No place is perfect even tho Korea is pretty awesome. Let's start!

1. Snacks convenience stores. Sometimes I wish I could find some healthy sandwich, rye bread or a smoked salmon salad instead of a single wrapped sausage or a cheese stick. I still don't understand why most of the snacks are so unhealthy not only in Korea but allover in Asia in most of the convenience stores. If you want to have some chopped fruits you have to pay more than for a burger or instant noodles.
convenience store Korea
2. People staring and asking
I explained this better in my previous post HERE but let's brush up. People (strangers) who stare at you on the streets and and ask you too many private questions what makes you feel uncomfortable. This is happening to me mostly in Asia.

3. Pollution
This is definitely one of the worst things. Some days the air is so foggy that I don't wanna even open the windows. I wish I could just breath fresh air and not to get sick by staying outside! No wonder so many people wear masks in Asia.
pollution in Seoul
4. Food is expensive
I'm from Finland and it's pretty expensive country...but when it comes to buying food from supermarkets Korea beats even Finland! Five apples 8 000 won (6€) and one avocado 2500 won (2€) are you kidding me? Pack of oatmeal 11 000 KRW (8.5€) — maybe next time I just ask my parents to send me 1000 won (0,70€) pack of oatmeal from Finland. Only at local markets you can find cheaper fruits and veggies but they're not always next door. Damn Korea, I love local food but eating oatmeal shouldn't be for millionaires! At least some nice Korean restaurants are cheap.
Korea is expensive
5. Too hot summer
The summer is terribly hot. Last year at the end of July I arrived in Korea and I was sweating like a pig. The air conditioner was on nonstop and I was a buffet for mosquitoes. Giant grasshoppers made so much noise. I prefer Korea in the spring or early summer time!
summer in Seoul
6. Motorcyclist
Shortly. They should learn to drive. Don't zigzag between the cars and ride in the crowded areas!

7. Too urban (Seoul)
In a big city like Seoul, I often feel that there is not enough nature and forest around me. To enjoy the nature itself I often have to go there on purpose — I can't just walk there within couple of minutes like in my home town Espoo. To enjoy real natural forest I have to go somewhere like Bukhansan or drive further by car.
Modern Seoul
8. Rush (Seoul)
Well as natural as it is there is so much rush in big cities. Busy people everywhere, noisy surroundings, a lot of traffic, many businesses on fire...huh sometimes this all is just too much. I need the peace and quietness in Finland!

9. Public toilets
In Korea the pipes are pretty old and you can smell it. The toilet paper is thrown into the bins and not flush down to not to block the pipes what leads to terrible smell. In addition to that it's better to carry some napkins with you because the toilet paper is often nonexistent. Well, there are also a lot of "Japanese toilets" the ultra modern and clean ones with all kind of extra features. But in old local places — don't even dream about them.
Korean bathrooms
10. Still pretty conservative place
I'm from a pretty liberal country and it's still a shock how some very natural things like wearing a sleeveless top shirt is not very common. Older people should be always respected and gay people still face difficulties. The school system is pretty strict and students have to wear school uniforms.

For me, Korea is an amazing country with some negative sides as well. Every country has their pros and cons but that's how things stay interesting. No place is perfect! Check out also TOP 5 things I love in Korea and Pros of living in a big city like Seoul!

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