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Instagram-Worthy Cafe in Seoul

One day I was wandering around in Sinsa-dong 신사동 and I didn't expect to find something new or worth visiting. Somehow I saw a huge building which entrance seemed very tempting. A lot of people were there and to be honest it kinda triggered me to pay a visit. Well, I didn't regret!
cheesecake seoul
The place is called C27 Cheesecake & Coffee Wine. I never heard about it before and I really wondered how is that even possible because I have been exploring so many cafes and places in Seoul! However, the cafe is famous for its delicious cheesecakes and for the classical stereotype of having cheese and wine together. So briefly it's a place for cheese lovers (or cake lovers)
cheese and wine

cheesecake korea
I saw some plain cheesecakes as a decoration (or maybe for eating?) They had a huge selection of different kind of cakes for example mint chocolate, mango, earl grey, oreo, plain cheesecake, berry, banana coconut, chocolate, many flavors to choose from! I tried the mango and banana coconut ones and they were seriously mouthwatering. I think this place has the best cheesecakes I ever tried but also the cakes were pretty pricey (taking a drink is not necessary tho) Still, I would definitely go again!

In addition to delicious menu, the place is amazing for taking pictures. The building has several different floors and each of them has beautiful and different interior decoration. The cafe doesn't feel like an ordinary cafe when you climb to the upper floors. It feels more like visiting a hotel or some kind of gallery. I could have spent more time just taking pictures but maybe it was better also to enjoy the cake itself!


This view reminded me of a gallery. Also the upper floors were more quiet so they were perfect for having a peaceful coffee moment. I think rustic style is now popular in all kind of cafes. On one of the floors they had a "kitchen" as well. 
Some more details for detail lovers like me. Sometimes I wonder how much cafes spend money to just to look great in Korea! In Finland most of the cafes are very simple. Finnish people actually drink most of the coffee per capita (12kg per a year) so I find it weird that we don't have that many unique cafes to visit. Maybe that's a good business idea for someone?
Overall I think I am a fanatic cafe explorer. No matter where I go I feel this urge to visit some cool cafes. C27 has definitely been one of the best ones for the cake and taking pictures. For a budget traveler this is not the first option but for Instagram worthy pictures it is.

The address: 39, Dosan-daero 15-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06033, South Korea
+82 2-544-1527
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