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THEFACESHOP Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

12 questions about summer

Today is time for my first blog challenge! I got it from my good friend Kirsikka who has a beauty blog Meikkejä, musaa ja meininkiä. In this post I'm going to answer to 12 questions about summer. Let's start!

1. A cap or a brimmed hat? A cap. I love to wear caps and due to travelling in Korea I have collected different kind of caps. They are nice to wear when you're going to a photo shoot, somewhere without makeup or just to protect your facial skin from UV rays! I also like brimmed hats but I don't have that many. Here is a photo with a brimmed hat! Photo by Miki Toikkanen 2. Soft ice cream or an ice cream ball? Let's not make this too complicated. Ice cream ball.
3. Peas or strawberries? I can't even eat peas due to slight allergy. Strawberries. They're also cute and perfect with ice cream!
4. A hot tub or a lake? I spent my childhood close to nature and the nearest lake was about 15 minutes from my house. I definitely prefer lakes and swimming there over hot …

What keeps me busy in Finland?

I am a person who likes to spend time wisely and it's really hard for me just stay still and 'relax'. Whenever I stay in Finland I have couple of things I do. Here is a glimpse of my life and what keeps me busy in Finland!

1. Occasional work
I have a company where I can call when I stay in Finland. They offer me some jobs from department stores or cosmetic stores if they need help. I have a short training and work experience from the past. I have a zero contract so I take jobs only when the date and time are fine with me. It's a great way to make some extra savings because there are not that often model jobs in Finland. We have all kind of additional money in Finland so working in the evenings and at the weekends pays pretty nicely.
2. Photo shoots
Whenever I come back to Finland I have some shootings with the familiar photographers. I like to shoot with the photographers I know because usually the atmosphere is better and I know how they work with models.
3. Friends

The Best Korean Eyelash Curler

As most of the people know cosmetics and beauty products are close to my heart — especially Korean ones. You can barely find any other than Korean products from my makeup bag ( for example The best Korean foundation for Oily skinand that's for a reason: they are good quality, ahead of western ones and in many cases cheaper. I would like to introduce you my favorite eyelash curler which I use on a regular basis to get beautiful eyelashes. It is cheap, stylish and it works!
The curler is Curl Fix from Etude House and it costs less than 5 euros. The color is black matte so it also looks better than cheap iron ones. It doesn't pinch eye lids at all so I guess it is perfect for my eye shape!

Here you can see a before picture: My lashes are light and not really thick so I need a bit stronger curler to make them look good. After cleaning your skin and waiting the moisturizer to dry is an ideal moment to curl the lashes.
After curling I put some mascara. For example Etude House a gr…

How did it feel to come back to Finland?

I travelled 10 months non-stop and all together a year. After living unstable life it's nice to have a break and come back to my home country Finland. It's awesome to notice how you can keep up your relationships with people even if you don't see them for a year.

I've been to Asia within those months and my closest touch to western cultures was in Hong Kong where you can find kind of mixture of Chinese and western culture. I really missed things in Finland: rye bread, salmiakki, fresh and cheap food from supermarkets, good quality of air, playing piano, people and my own room with the interior decoration. I needed peace and green nature — but only for a while.

I can't help it but Asia has changed me. Somehow after being surrounded by different people and cultures it's hard to come back to a place like Finland: so quiet, empty and organized. I felt somehow culture shock when I came back to my own home country. It is weird but it can really happen! People were al…

Summer shoe trend in Korea

Trends change quickly especially in cities like Seoul — what comes to shoes as well! I paid a visit to Shoopen sales and found some nice shoes for summer season. I usually wear sneakers or something comfortable but now I wanted to give a try for some ballerinas and strap heels. Again Korea surprised me with nice decent priced products!

I've never been fan of ballerinas but these ones were super cheap only 10$. They are also very comfortable so it's nice to walk around with them. My new favorite color is light pink and I think these fits well with my other pink clothes which you can find from my previous post. Right know strap and low heels are a huge trend in Korea. You can see them everywhere and I admit that kinda triggered me to buy ones as well. Especially the ones with lower heels which you can use longer to walk around the city are must to get. I bought black ones because they go with all kind of clothes. The shoe straps are easy to attach because the shoes have small h…

The best Korean foundation for oily skin

When I came to Korea for the first time I fell in love with cosmetics here. South Korea is well known for their huge beauty industry and I bet anyone who has been here knows that they have thousands of amazing products for every kind of people. My skin type is oily and the color is light so I have always struggled to find decent priced makeup foundation which is not too dark and stays longer on my face. Luckily, Korea saved me! Let me introduce you Double Lasting Foundation from Etude House.
What does it do? The foundation promises to be long-lasting and offer a semi-matte finish. The touch is light and the scent is delightful. The double lasting foundation should cover your skin with single coat and make it flawless. It is also said to adhere the skin without making it heavy or caky. There are various shades for different skin tones, so I guess many people can find a good one for themselves!
How to use it? Clean and moisturize the skin well. Shake the bottle up and down and take proper…

Truth about what I don't like in Korea

Don't take me wrong: I love Korea. But sometimes there are things I really miss in Europe or things I just don't like too much here. After telling about many good things I want to share my honest opinion of some things I dislike. No place is perfect even tho Korea is pretty awesome. Let's start!
1. Snacks convenience stores. Sometimes I wish I could find some healthy sandwich, rye bread or a smoked salmon salad instead of a single wrapped sausage or a cheese stick. I still don't understand why most of the snacks are so unhealthy not only in Korea but allover in Asia in most of the convenience stores. If you want to have some chopped fruits you have to pay more than for a burger or instant noodles. 2. People staring and asking I explained this better in my previous post HERE but let's brush up. People (strangers) who stare at you on the streets and and ask you too many private questions what makes you feel uncomfortable. This is happening to me mostly in Asia.

Pros of living in a big city

I'm from Finland, Espoo, so not even from the capital Helsinki which is not too big either. When I came to Seoul last year it was my first time in a big city. I've been here all together 7 months within one year so I start to notice myself being used to a life in a big city. So, what are the pros of living in a big city?

Top 5 pros

1. Everything is easily accessible
Restaurants, cafes, markets, clothes stores, pharmacies, data stores...anything you need you can find nearby in most of the areas. In my home city Espoo the nearest supermarket is 1 km from my house — so it feels pretty awesome to walk to the nearest convenience store within 5 minutes.
2. Life is vibrant
If I am bored I have plenty of options to have fun in a big city. There are karaokes, game halls, bowling alleys, movie theaters, events, international meetings, mountains for hiking, parks for relaxing, clubs and parties, temples as well as amusement parks — and by saying this I mean a lot, not just a few options. I …

Lush Surprise

We all know Lush - the store full of scents when we pass by. As a not big surprise, Lush is also super popular in Korea. I barely find an area without Lush! Today I want to introduce a surprise box I got as a present.

The box was cute and colorful like Lush products in general. When I opened it I didn't know what to expect. What was inside there?
I got a blue "Whoosh Shower jelly" and a "Herbalism Face and Body cleanser". Both include 100% vegetarian ingredients and like other Lush products they are not tested on animals. In addition to that, they are handmade in Lush "kitchens". It's better to keep the products inside the fridge because of the fresh ingredients — they maintain good only a couple of months. Shower jelly is made with softening seaweed gel, essential oils and fruits extracts. It has a scent of citrus and the texture is thick jelly. The color resembles of bright blue seawater with glitter. Because of the texture you are supposed to tak…

Instagram-Worthy Cafe in Seoul

One day I was wandering around in Sinsa-dong 신사동 and I didn't expect to find something new or worth visiting. Somehow I saw a huge building which entrance seemed very tempting. A lot of people were there and to be honest it kinda triggered me to pay a visit. Well, I didn't regret! The place is called C27 Cheesecake & Coffee Wine. I never heard about it before and I really wondered how is that even possible because I have been exploring so many cafes and places in Seoul! However, the cafe is famous for its delicious cheesecakes and for the classical stereotype of having cheese and wine together. So briefly it's a place for cheese lovers (or cake lovers)
I saw some plain cheesecakes as a decoration (or maybe for eating?) They had a huge selection of different kind of cakes for example mint chocolate, mango, earl grey, oreo, plain cheesecake, berry, banana coconut, chocolate, many flavors to choose from! I tried the mango and banana coconut ones and they wer…