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Dinner and eating culture in Korea

Having a dinner with locals in Korea is an experience where sharing is caring. It differs from Nordic one in a way that there are not always separate individual meals for everyone. A lot of times when I've had dinner with locals they have brought a big pot and plenty of plates full of food and everybody can take the amount they wish from them. Sometimes a hot plate is brought and the food is cooked on the table. There are lot of restaurants where you can grill your own food (Korean barbecue).  Also, if you go to a restaurant with your Korean friends, it's typical to order few dishes or one big dish which everybody shares together. Usually you can get small side dishes like garlic, kimchi, pickles etc. unlimited amount.
sundubu + banchan As a Finn, I'm used to have my own individual meal or cake in a cafe and also pay everything by myself. In Korea if you are with an older eonni 언니/nuna 누나or oppa 오빠/hyeong형 (an older female or a male) they often pay the food or coffee. I hav…

The reason why I'm not in a university

In many cases young people are expected to start to study something right after the high school is finished. At the moment almost all my good friends are studying either in a university or vocational school. When it comes to me, almost two years have passed since I graduated from high school. I meet lot of people from other countries who are maybe 16 or 17 years old and they are already in a university. I am 21 years old but not in a university. Why?
Since I was a kid I was always the girl with the top grades at school. Even in high school I got great A levels so I could just sign in to university with my grades. But for the whole childhood and youth I felt lot of pressure to accomplish all the exams perfectly. All the projects and homework I had I wanted to finish on time and get the best result. I didn't even let myself to get bad scores and when that finally happened to me in my mathematics preliminary exam I crushed. It was the first burn out I experienced. After that I notice…

The best places to visit in Seoul — Insadong

Insa-dong is a neighborhood in Seoul where you can find some traditional tea houses, handicraft stalls, restaurants, porcelain stores and other cool stuff. It is known because it is both traditional and modern area the same time. An interesting fact is that many shop names are only written in Korean. I've been there couple of times but it always offers something new to see. 반짝반짝빛나는 I visited a traditional dessert tea house Banjak Banjak Pitnaneun which has really good tea sorbets and other desserts. They have also a room to sit down on a floor the traditional way. The mango dessert was super good, I recommend to try it! We met a craft master Shin Hyun Choul whose Kwangju Royal family ceramics have been exhibitioned all around the world (also in Finland!). He offered us traditional Korean green tea from his teapots and told about his products. It was very authentic and unforgettable moment drinking the hot tea while hearing some beautiful music!
I enjoyed probably more than six sm…

What to do when you're bored?

It happens to everyone: we feel bored. Everything feels kinda boring and dull or we can't just think what to do. Maybe the normal things we normally do don't feel worth of doing or none of our friends can come out! That happens to me very often when there is no model work, I am alone or I have finished the things I have to do. Many people start just to use their smart phones, scroll their feed and don't actually do anything they could or would like to do. Honestly to feel more joy it's better to do something which develops you or try out something new! Actually, right now I am also bored so I decided to write 20 things to do when you feel bored.
1. Go for a walk/take a bus and walk to some random area you haven't been to before. Probably you will find something interesting or at least see something new.
2. Learn how to draw. Take a pen and a piece of paper and google instructions for that. Search something easy like "illustration dog" or "draw a flower…

The Most Beautiful and Romantic Cafe in Seoul

I've paid a visit to many cafes in Seoul but there is always one over others: Colline.The reason is simple: It is beautiful and I don't know if there is more romantic place to go for a date. Flowers, soft colors, ambient music, atmospheric lights, high quality coffee and pastries. The interior decoration is detailed and rustic which reminds of the old times — there is a bit of romantic cottage country decor. The first impression of the cafe is stunning. All the lights and their warmth make you want to visit the place when the chilly night is setting in. It looks like a cafe for a perfect coffee moment with someone you like or maybe I am just a romantic girl.
The menu includes many kind of drinks to choose for your perfect evening. This time I tried the Earl Grey Milk Tea. For a pastry I chose a vanilla pastry/bun which name I already forgot! They both were really tasty. Somehow the Earl Grey Milk Tea reminded me slightly of salmiakki (a weird finnish candy)or maybe I just sec…

TOP 10 worst things while travelling

Travelling isn't always a bed of roses. You might be late for something, forget something important or get sick. Still, no matter what happens, the life will continue on and after the accidents you will definitely learn something important. Today I wanna share the Top 10 worst things what I've experienced during my travelling. Let's start!

1. Pickpockets: Somebody stole my phone in Hong Kong! 
Oh god what a bad memory! The icing on the cake was that I thought my back up was on but actually it wasn't. So basically I lost 2/3 of my least I got many of them back from my friends who had some of my pictures! The worst: I had a photo shoot with that phone for a magazine so it will be a forever reminder that take better care of your bag even with a zipper!
2. Become sick: I've got sick in every country I traveled to
Maybe I have the worst luck ever or I am just too used to the good air in Finland. But there hasn't been a country in Asia where I haven't…

Bukchon Hanok Village 북촌한옥마을

Bukchon Hanok Village is an area with traditional houses from the Joseon Dynasty time. A lot of people still live in these beautiful wooden houses. Visiting the area is a good opportunity for a tourist to see some traditional side of South Korea. The area itself is usually pretty crowded and many people rent a hanbok = a traditional Korean dress and go to take pictures in Hanok Village. I recommend go there in the weekdays and not during the holiday season. Hanbok rental When you climb up a bit you can see beautiful mountain views. When I visit this area I go in the afternoon before the sun is setting down. After taking enough pictures, enjoying the atmosphere and wandering around, I walk the side of the mountain view back to the shopping street. On this street you can also find a few rooftop cafes! In the Hanok Village you can find some traditional cafes and tea houses. They have simple and charming entrances and you can usually see the menu beforehand. Don't hesitate to go in, I…

A Hidden Gem in Seoul (Part 2)

I passed a colorful door and small stairs multiple times. Every time I passed it, I asked myself "What is inside there?" It was calling me to come to visit with all the lights and music. So finally yesterday, I decided to go and see this magical and intriguing place. "Cocktails, healthy juice, sandwiches, coffee..."
It's called Café Bella's Homestay. It is a cozy small cafe which has an unique style: string lights, hula leis hanging from the ceiling, Hawaii posters, a bit old fashioned music, plants, books and bottles. There are only a few seats, wooden tables and a lot of details. Such an eye candy (especially for a person who loves details).

In the menu you can find a lot of different alcohol drinks which are prettily decorated. There are also plenty of coffee drinks and some home made cakes like chocolate or cheesecake. The place is a bit pricey if you wanna have an alcohol drink but for coffee it is moderate. Based on my experience, an unique cafe experi…

Fashion Week 2018

This year I walked in Seoul fashion week again 19.03-24.03.18. Fashion week is usually held twice a year in each country where different brands show their upcoming collections. Before the fashion shows there are lot of castings where models go to show their walk or try on some clothes. The client chooses the models who fit the best in their image. Every show is unique and the way how the models walk depends on the clients will. But the most important thing for models is to learn how to walk before going to castings. I think learning to walk is a process which happens through experience and it can never be perfectly done before experiencing plenty of fashion shows! A show for Haus of PBK
Sometimes fashion shows take the whole day. You go to the place in the morning where the makeup artists, hair stylists and other people prepare you for the show. After that you have a rehearsal and then the final show. Sometimes there is time to eat and hang out but sometimes you can't even finish…