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Why I don't belong in Finland

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Korean pimple patches and how to get rid of the acne scars

Everybody has good and bad days when it comes to skin. Luckily when the bad day is here Korean skin care products will save you. Let me introduce how to get rid of pimples and scars quickly! I went through hard times in Hong Kong when I faced a bad acne breakout. After the terrible acne was gone I was left with ugly scars. I found out pretty quickly a solution for them: vitamin c. It reduces redness, improves collagen production and heals the scars. I got a nice souvenir this week from Korea - 10 pieces of vitamin C sheet masks from Nature Republic.
The mask sheet is pretty large so it covers your whole face properly. Before the mask wash your face and apply some toner. Let the mask rest on your face for 10-20 minutes. After that take the mask away and pat your skin gently so the product absorbs properly. The mask has a brightening effect and the skin feels very fresh after the mask. Using vitamin c products on a regular basis will fade your scars dramatically.
After the mask you can…

The truth about model life

To work as a model might seem like something full of glamour, parties, free makeup and hair, beautiful clothes and good looking people surrounding you. But to be frank enough, it's an occupation which is very unstable and tough for your mental health as well. Why? Dress by Companhia Das Marias
1. Free work
I've done this couple of years but only for a year full time. But still, I have come a long way even to come to this point where I can travel and actually earn. I wasn't scouted on a street and in the beginning I did a lot of free work and photo shoots or 'test shoots' to collect some portfolio. Many young models don't ever realize while they're working for designers collections and other things to gain 'experience' that they're actually working for free and are used because they're easily cheated. I support collaboration photo shoots and fashion shows where both the model and the photographer/designer get portfolio pictures but I don'…

The Best Korean Moisturizers

It's time to talk about K-beauty! I have always struggled with all kind of skin problems from pimples to redness and oiliness. However, somehow during my year in Asia and Korea my skin care routines and products changed dramatically. Due to that, also my skin got so much better. I can thank mostly Korea because of their great and affordable products. Let's see what are simply the best moisturizers you can find to get baby smooth skin! Before the moisturizers, check out the best Korean cleansers HERE. Aloe vera is such a great plant. It has been used for years for decorative purposes as well as to calm down irritated skin. Somehow just recently people have woken up to the fact how great moisturizer aloe vera actually is! It reduces the redness and moisturize your skin deeply. It also works for acne and other skin problems. When I got a bad acne breakout in Hong Kong and nothing really helped me, aloe vera gel was one of the only things which made my skin at least a bit better. D…

Midsummer celebration in Finland & my accident

Midsummer is celebrated especially in Northern Europe in the late June. It is the time of the year when the sun doesn't set and it's the time of solstice. This year the Midsummer's Eve was 22.06.18 and the actual day 23.06.18. I celebrated my midsummer at my friend's cottage with a group of people. It was my first time experiencing "mökkijuhannus" (midsummer at a cottage) even though it is one of the most Finnish ways to spend it. I had amazing time despite of the cloudy weather. Let's take a peek of my Juhannus 2018! One of the things which is almost mandatory in Juhannus is to have a great bonfire which purpose is to repel witches and evil spirits. Other myths about bonfire are related to marriage and future spouses. Midsummer is also the celebration of fertility so no wonder there are so many myths and predictions about future lovers! We had also our kokko = a bonfire which was amazingly warm and beautiful in the middle of the night. Yes, it was night …

The first two weeks I cried, then I fell in love...

...with Hong Kong. It was an experience I will never forget. It started by solving out all kind of visa stuff while being in Korea. Such a stress. However I survived all the way there and the hell started: first week in a small motel room alone, +30-35°C everyday, a lot of castings in a totally unfamiliar city, surrounded by suspicious local shops and people staring at me, pollution, no friends or anyone I knew and the worst: fresh acne on my cheeks. Naturally pretty soon, I moved to a very small model apartment room which wasn't in the best condition. Sounds like the worst trip ever. But, after those two weeks I realized I was actually in one of the best places in my whole life. What happened?
Hong Kong or Home Kong, they say. I think it's something very true. After the first shock and getting used to things and the places it turned out that Hong Kong is amazing. The city itself as well as the people and experiences I got there were great. My agency was really nice and t…

Collaboration: Kaarna Living x Visualist Helsinki

I did recently a collaboration shoot with Kaarna Living x Visualist Helsinki in Finland. The shoot was based on beautiful Alppiruusupuisto where the flowers were blooming. Kaarna Living is a Finnish brand which offers sustainable products like jewellery, clothes and bags. From every Circle bracelet purchase goes a donation of 10€ to help to minimize the plastic waste in oceans. Let's take a look of the pictures!
A Circle bracelet 89,00€ Visualist Helsinki offers styling and other creative services for every kind of people. This shooting was styled and created by the Visualist Helsinki. I was offering my helping hand and edited handful of photos myself. LikeI told before, I'm very keen on photographing and artistic stuff as well. I have done couple of promotion shootings, portfolio pictures and other stuff for people. You can check out pictures taken and edited by me on my second Instagram!
The weather was amazingly beautiful. I can't believe Finland is so warm at the momen…